Health Education

It’s YOUR health, but it’s OUR mission!

The Health Education Team begins with the assessment and identification of community health issues and problems.

While identifying diseases as significant health problems that cause disability, mortality, premature death, and morbidity, Health Education Specialists utilize tools and expertise to analyze demographics and socioeconomic status data of the individual client within the community.

Our Focus Areas

After selecting target populations, Health Education staff assists in planning, implementing, and evaluating educational programs with community health partners to promote and maintain behavioral change with the individual.

The Team is primarily responsible for school and community health education programs, Public Health networking in the communities of care, patient education offered in the clinical setting, mass media education, the development and evaluation of educational materials, agency orientation/staff development, higher education-public health liaison work, and coalition building and coordination.

The staff is committed to professional growth and development, enabling the staff to offer more efficient, culturally effective services to the changing community, individual clinic patients, and the internal workforce.